Photo Albums

Odyssey Open Water Swimming captures your adventures with us through cameras, a GoPro positioned on buoys, and sometimes on video. To view our albums, visit our on-site album here and our Facebook page here. Each album from weekly swims and larger events are added as a Facebook photo album.


You digitally "sign" the waiver as part of the online registration. If you are dropping in and want to save time, you can download the waiver (by clicking on it below) and print it out. All swimmers under 18 MUST have a parent or guardian sign the waiver, even if you signed up online.

Odyssey Open Water Swimming Waiver


Before heading to the Berkeley Marina to join us on a swim, check the weather so you can dress accordingly. View the 10-day forecast for Berkeley here.

National Weather Service (NOAA)


Click here for the Cal Sailing Club webcam at the Berkeley Marina. Our swims take place in this area and just to the left of the camera's view.