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Bridge to Bridge Swim: October 26, 2019

An incredible swim from the Golden Gate to the Bay Bridge. The swim is about 6.2 miles, but we time it with the tide, so swimmers will have a strong current in their favor throughout the swim, and many will finish in one to two hours. Strong swimmers only! Please note that swimmers who haven’t finished after 2.5 hours may need to be picked up before finishing. 

  • Each swimmer will be provided with his/her own kayaker or stand up paddle boarder for safety.

  • A boat will take swimmers under the Golden Gate, where they will jump off and swim to the Bay Bridge. The boat will then pick them up and return to the original meeting spot.

  • Registration includes a free yellow Odyssey silicone swim cap and one free event t-shirt, tank top, or sweatshirt.

Note: This swim is currently full, however, we are currently seeking additional kayak support to allow more swimmers to enjoy this great event. Please join the wait list by emailing warren@odysseyopenwater.com.


  • $275

  • $50 late registration fee within one month of the event

Registration is open now! Click the button below to register. Space is limited, so sign up soon to ensure your spot.

Bridge to Bridge FAQs

Bridge to Bridge Swim FAQs

How difficult and is the Bridge to Bridge swim? 

On the Bridge to Bridge swim, you will get to experience some of the most amazing views and complete one of the toughest swims organized on the West Coast. The Odyssey Bridge to Bridge swim is a difficult swim, and would be considered the second most difficult swim we offer, after the TransBay swim. This is an event open to strong swimmers. Those who haven’t finished after 2.5 hours may need to be picked up before finishing and taken closer to the finish before being placed back in the water. 

The Bridge to Bridge swim should not be your first open water swim. We recommend joining us on weekly Berkeley swims, well in advance of attempting the Bridge to Bridge swim to increase your comfort and extend the distance you’re able to swim in rough and choppy water.  

How long is the Bridge to Bridge swim?  

Bridge to Bridge Route

The Bridge to Bridge swim is about 6.2 miles (10K). The swim begins under the Golden Gate Bridge and curves around San Francisco to end at the Bay Bridge. The current will be in your favor, so it often feels like half the actual distance. However, every year is a little different and you should expect a challenging swim. 

Finish times range anywhere from 1 hour and 15 minutes to 3 hours. Experienced swimmers who have completed both the Odyssey Alcatraz and Bridge to Bridge swim compare the Bridge to Bridge swim to completing the Alcatraz swim twice back-to-back. 

What safety precautions do you provide? 

For the Bridge to Bridge swim, Odyssey strives to have a 1:1 swimmer to paddler ratio. We will also have motorized boats spread throughout the course to assist as needed.

Do I need to wear a wetsuit? 

Odyssey Open Water Swimming does not require wetsuits, however, it is strongly suggested unless you have extensive experience with cold water swimming without a wetsuit. The cold water can catch up to you during this long swim. 

What should I bring? 

We recommend bringing the following for the Bridge to Bridge swim: 

  • Wetsuit or swimsuit

  • Goggles

  • Ear plugs (optional) 

  • Thermal cap (optional)

  • Towel and warm clothes for afterwards. 

  • We recommend mid-swim “feeding” for swims over 2 hours. Most do not eat during this swim, but some prefer to. Bring something to eat or drink during the swim if you would like. 

Note: You will receive an Odyssey Open Water Swimming swim cap during our meeting before the start of the swim. 

What should I expect on the day of the swim? 

Getting Ready for the Swim Odyssey Open Water Swimming

You will arrive in the morning (times vary each year based on the currents). We will have a quick briefing on land, followed by a quick boat ride out to the Golden Gate. You will then enjoy a beautiful swim around San Francisco, guided by our support staff. 

The week of the swim, we will send you a packet with additional information. 

Is there a minimum age? 

There is no official minimum age, but remember that this is a difficult swim and only for strong swimmers. Since we want this to be an enjoyable, memorable swim for you, swimmers may be asked to share previous swim times and experience. 

Can I bring friends or family aboard the boat? 

Preparing to Jump In Odyssey Open Water Swimming

Occasionally this is possible, but it depends on the numbers of boats and swimmers we are able to secure for each event.  Please check with us the week before the event.

Email Warren@odysseyopenwater.com.

Will I be able to store my things on the boat? 

Yes, but please don't bring more than you need, and keep your belongings contained in a bag. Some swimmers also have their assigned paddler hold small waterproof items for them like a water bottle or waterproof camera.

How much is it to participate in the Bridge to Bridge swim with Odyssey Open Water Swimming? 

The cost of the swim is $275 with a $50 late registration fee added if you register within one month of the event to help us hire additional kayak support staff last-minute. 

Registration is open now! Click the button below to register. Space is limited, so sign up soon to ensure your spot.

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today