Odyssey Open Water Swimming Photo Gallery

Open water swimming in the San Francisco Bay (East Bay) comes with countless opportunities for pictures with amazing views. Odyssey Open Water Swimming captures the fun through buoy cameras, kayakers with cameras, and with our team members on shore with cameras. We’ve even used drones to record footage during previous Alcatraz swims.

This image gallery is just a taste of the pictures taken during Odyssey swims. Full swim albums can be found on our Facebook page.

What is a Buoy Selfie?

A buoy selfie is exactly what is sounds like — a selfie picture taken during open water swimming with a camera that is attached to a buoy.

One of the favorite parts of every Odyssey Open Water Swimming Berkeley swim is when each swimmer can take a #buoyselfie. An Odyssey Open Water Swimming GoPro camera is attached to a buoy that is part of the course. Swimmers can make a quick stop if they would like to snap a buoy selfie with friends or solo.

June 18 Selfie 5.png

Buoy selfie images are included in each of our photo albums on the Odyssey Open Water Swimming Facebook page.

Photo Gallery

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