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Odyssey Open Water Swimming

Break Free From Lanes and Walls

Odyssey Open Water Swimming is your guide to adventure in the San Francisco Bay. Step out of the pool and into the open water through a wide variety of weekly swims, events, races, private and group swims, and more, all within a community of like-minded friends.

Odyssey Open Water Swimming began in 2013. Local athlete and swim coach Warren Wallace was looking to explore open water swimming in the East Bay. He found others looking for the same adventure, and turned his passion into Odyssey Open Water Swimming.

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Odyssey Open Water Swimming is now a growing local company that includes swimmers, coaches, and support staff. Since its start in 2013, Odyssey has hosted well over 500 successful swims with thousands of swimmers taking part in the wide range of events.  

Odyssey is known for public swims, including:

And private events, including:

  • The swim leg of the Bearathlon

  • Triathlon club private swims

  • Private Alcatraz swims

  • Individual and small group training

  • Private group swims

Grab your suit and let’s dive in to adventure together. Have questions? Visit our FAQ page here or contact us today!

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