TeamUp Members App Makes Registering for Odyssey Events on Mobile Simple and Easy


Odyssey Open Water seeks to offer the best open water swimming adventures in the East Bay. A small part of designing those adventures is making it as easy as possible to find and register for events. We use TeamUp to make registering and paying for event registrations fast and secure, and with a new update, it’s now easier and smoother than ever.

TeamUp has created an iOS and Android app that makes doing everything on TeamUp easier for you, the user. While it’s made for you, we’re excited about their new app since it allows the Odyssey community to sign up for our events and other “classes” seamlessly.

Features of the app include:

  • Class browsing

  • Class registering

  • View memberships and track attendance (you can see all past swims you’ve participated in)

  • Push notifications

  • Family support and integration (schedule your kids too!)

Learn more about the new app here.

Warren Wallace