3 Quick Alcatraz Swim Training Tips: Join Us on September 21

Jumping in Alcatraz Odyssey Swim September

Are you ready for an adventure!?

Odyssey Open Water Swimming’s final public Alcatraz swim is coming up later this month. To help you prepare, we asked our team for some quick tips.

Interested in joining us for the September 21 Odyssey Alcatraz swim? Register here. Swimming from Alcatraz has a long and storied history, and has been featured in TV shows, news reports, movies, and more. Learn about the history of swimming from Alcatraz here.

Tips to Prepare to Swim From Alcatraz

  • Swim in Various Conditions

Be prepared for unique water conditions. Try to swim in open water in various conditions prior to swimming from Alcatraz. Do not just swim during “glassy conditions.” Alcatraz is often choppy with large waves and you should be prepared.

  • Embrace Cold Water

Are you used to swimming in cold water? The water near Alcatraz is significantly colder than the water near the Berkeley Marina where we host weekly swims. Practice swimming in colder water. This is especially important for swimmers from warmer climates, like New Orleans and Hawaii.

  • Practice Sighting

The waves during an Odyssey Alcatraz swim can lead inexperienced open water swimmers to get turned around.  You should practice sighting techniques so that every 5-10 strokes you are sighting to make sure that you’re on the correct course.

Register today for our September 21 Alcatraz swim here!